Our store has proudly showcased colombian novel designers for years now.
Now, Posh Shops has recently partnered with
Karnna Fashion Lab,
in order to offer commercial and educational services to the Fashion Industry.

Mario is a Marketing consultant, online entrepreneur and professional publicist, graduated from INCAEA, Chile.

He has worked in Advertising Agencies in Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and USA as Creative Director.

As Marketing Consultant, he specializes in electronic commerce and Brands positioning in Social Media. He is considered a pioneer of the Internet, because since 1996 he has advised his clients to establish an online presence.

Mario works with startups as well as with established companies that need expertise in Digital Strategy.

Fashion Business Analyst,
Speaker on Fashion Marketing topics,
Online business planning,
Brand Positioning,
Web Design,
Web Streaming,
Video Marketing.

He donates part of his time to, a non-profit foundation that prevents child abuse, social exclusion and the lack of educational opportunities through the teaching of the Classic Ballet, to low-income children in Colombia.

KARINA GOMEZ-HERRERAKarnna Fashion & Company, Inc. CEO
Karina is a Venezuelan/ American Fashion Designer bringing over 25 years of extensive experience in apparel design on both technical and creative end, pattern making, tailoring, and production. Her expertise with Low enforcement and government contracts place her business in the only Engineering and Design team capable to offer consulting and training services based on real Pre-production and full production processes in Broward County, Florida.

She had a great experience teaching at Villasmil de Leon Institute in Caracas/Venezuela until 1996. Then decided to move to south Florida on 1999 and keep teaching at Miami International University of Art and Design, Fort Lauderdale Art Institute and Broward Community College in the United States.

– Hispanic Women of Distinction 2017
– 100 Successful Women in Business, 2019

Her leadership roll in the hispanic community show her as one of the outstanding professionals in the fashion industry in south Florida. Karina is passionated for teaching and mentoring student and new entrepreneurs. She coaches individuals and help people to grow in their spiritual and professional side. Getting inspired into all the mentoring side she decided to open a training center in Pompano Beach Florida as a part of her evolution in the Teaching Carreer.

Her philanthropy vision and passion mentoring students and survivors make her a true-life example of the successful professional woman. Karina is also founder of Designers & Creative Teams Against Domestic Violence.



Karnna Fashion Lab provides innovative services, in product development, design and production in the USA. We facilitate training programs to your company’s personnel to improve their professional performance.

The programs includes training curriculum for Undergraduate, Graduate and new graduates in the fashion field, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in the garment industry.


Posh Shops was created by Mario T. Carvajal as a online platform devoted to colombian Novel Fashion Designers.  It nurtures and presents work from the finest up-and-coming fashion talent from around Latin America.

In April 2019 Posh Shops will be ushering in a new format. 16 selected young designers will showcase a series of compelling collections to represent their respective countries.  In this new format designers will be supported through a Fashion Educational Program developed by Karnna Fashion Lab (Pompano Beach, FL).

The designers will learn everything from business development in the US Market, and branding to production and sustainability and they will be supported by a range of coaches whose skills and expertise range from ethical fashion and sustainability to tech.

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